SAE J2522 contains the procedures for the test commonly known AK Master.
Through AK Master tests, producers of brake systems (OEM and Aftermarket – AM) can compare brake performances and establish quality standards.

AK Master (SAE J2522) is a performance test to simulate on dynamometer stands various braking scenarios and to expose brake systems to the real driving conditions and the stresses of the brakes during the stops. Furthermore, AK Master test is composed by different bedding and fading phases and combines values of initial speed, initial temperature and pressure (10-80 bar) of the brake applications.

Thanks to its technological improvements, TecSA R&D can fully run AK Master tests (SAE J2522) on the most developed testing rigs. TecSA dynamometers (models MD50, TC80, TC185 and TC225) accurately measure friction coefficient and settling of brake pads in different braking conditions and therefore can perform all the steps prescribed by AK Master test.


AK Master brake test - TecSA R&D