Standard tests and homolgation tests

In order to be legally sold on main world markets (Europe, China, Japan, USA, etc.), disks, calipers, pads and shoes shall guarantee specific quality standards and respect those tests (performance tests, NVH tests, etc.) established by national and international regulations, such as:

ISO 26865, ISO 26866, ISO 26867, ISO 22563;

SAE J2522 (AK Master), SAE J2707, SAE J2521 (NVH), SAE J2115, SAE J3080;

JASO C406, JASO C407;

ECE-R90, ECE-R13, ECE-R78;

EuroSpec (GlobalSpec);

UIC 541;


Report:Standard tests and homolgation tests - TecSA R&D

TecSA R&D laboratory is equipped with the necessary tooling and the specialized staff to run these tests and, in cooperation with the main certification agencies, to homologate brake components produced by its Customers.