Customized tests

The close cooperation between TecSA R&D and R&D departments is fundamental to identify the parameters to analyze in each brake stop (pressure, torque, force, temperature, disk surface variation, dust emission, etc.) and to replicate driver’s behavior in controlled conditions on dynamometer bench.

TecSA staff constantly cooperates with TecSA R&D to realize the new technological updates (mechanical parts, hardware, software) to implement new testing procedures.

Our main innovations include:

Survey and analysis of the dust exhausted from brake components (particularly from brake pads). This research field is more and more requested to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles;

Reproduction on dynamometer bench of the stresses of brake systems during racing circuits (from telemetry – LAP racing, WLTP);

Simulation of the brake applications in adverse climatic conditions, such as brake stops spraying with snow, with water in liquid status at -20° C (simulation of a vehicle within a tunnel in wintertime), with nebulized water in saline solution (simulation of fog and of route along seaside).

Customized tests TecSA R&D

Our laboratory has set efficient bedding procedures of brake systems before brake producers market them. Positive result rate is 97%.

TecSA R&D staff can burnish more than 30 brake systems per day.