-90 Regulation establishes the standards to be respected by brake components (brake pads, brake disks, brake shoes, brake drums) to be legally sold in Europe. Furthermore, ECE-R90 states the procedures for quality check tests (conformity of production – COP) on every product line batch.

The companies who are willing to access to European market and to guarantee the homologation of their aftermarket (AM) products (spare parts of original brake systems – OEM) shall mark their brake components with R90 code number.

In particular, ECE-R90 sets out the technical specifications of designing, manufacturing, marking and performance and test protocols for brake systems spare parts of motor vehicles and trailers. Regulation 90 includes the rulings to certify brake pads, brake disks, brake shoes and brake drums for automotive sector, according to UNECE vehicle categories:

  • motorcycles: categories L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7;
  • cars of every size and power: category M1;
  • buses and coaches: categories M2 and M3;
  • light commercial vehicles – LCV (vans and pickup trucks): category N1;
  • heavy commercial vehicles – HCV (commercial trucks): categories N2 and N3;
  • trailers and semi- trailers: categories O1, O2, O3 and O4.

TecSA R&D has the right staff, the know-how and the technological equipment to run the numerous procedures set out by ECE R90 norms. TecSA dynamometers can simulate the real conditions of the stops of the vehicles. It is a necessary step to obtain the homologation of brake components according to Regulation 90.