TecSA R&D is increasing its activities of dynamometric tests on brake systems and is therefore hiring new specialized technical personnel.

The new employees will be part of the team of the testing laboratory for third parties and will be trained on how to run tests on brake systems (brake disks, brake pads, brake calipers, brake drums and brake shoes), that include standard test (NVH tests, AK Master – SAE J2522, ECE-R90, JASO C406, GB5763-2018, LACT, Mojacar, etc.) and customized tests according to the technical specifications of the most innovative brake manufacturers (OEMs and AM-Aftermarket) and automotive sector (electric vehicles, high performance cars and supercars, motorsport and racing sector, etc.).


Job Description

  • Mounting of brake components on dynamometers. This activity includes selecting in the warehouse the brake components and the mechanical flanges, mounting of the brake and checking that the comparator is rightly installed, mounting of the sensors;
  • Cataloging of the components for new testing projects;
  • Test running on software, check of the starting of the test, check of eventual anomalies;
  • Disassembly of brake samples;
  • Reports: sample pictures and measurements (weight scale and caliber);
  • Storage of brake components after the test.

Skills & Competencies

  • No age limit;
  • Education: technical degree high-school diploma;
  • Good knowledge of Office package (in particular Excel: basic formulae and graphs);
  • Languages: Italian highly recommended, basic level English required;
  • Using of measurment toolings (weight scales, caliber, comparator);;
  • Recommended: knowledge of mechanical drawings.

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