The partnership that TecSA has been undertaking for some years continues profitably, providing technical, technological and consultancy support on the braking systems used by racing teams.

Our expertise is made available to the team of engineering students from the Politecnico di Torino who work to create an unmanned electric racing car to participate in international races.

The Team also participated in the Formula SAE which is the competition from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and is the best known on the international scene, winning for the first time the gold medal in the Formula Sae Italy 2019 car category, also obtaining the Abarth Award reserved for the most efficient electric car.

In addition, the Team will also be involved in the “Formula Hybrid” competition in addition to the usual annual races held in the main European racetracks where Formula SAE takes place: Hockenheim (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Silverstone (UK).

TecSA test laboratory has 7 latest generation dynamometric benches able to support the Polytechnic racing team in the different types of demonstrations to be performed on the braking systems used, thanks to our software we are able to manage an important amount of data and make them usable according to customized reports that give the right indications to the students of the Politecnico for future developments, investigations and improvements in the performance of the vehicles they designed and built.

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