Los Angeles City Traffic (LACT) test is required by OEM’s, brake systems and other tier-2 suppliers. LACT cycle (for USA and North American market) and Mojacar test (for European market) are part of project sign-off process and are necessary for brake manufacturers to ensure good global performance.

Specifically, LACT test simulates on a brake dynamometer the real stresses of a brake system during taxi routes in Los Angeles and is useful to evaluate the noise characteristics and dust particle emissions of the brake systems under typical customer driving conditions within an urban journey. Brake testing stands and laboratory tests are necessary to avoid the discrepancies of noise evaluations made by test drivers and to objectively measure the data. LACT test consists in a long series of stops (ca 3500 brake applications) in 24-48-hours schedule.

TecSA R&D is your trusted partner in carrying out LACT cycle tests on full brake systems. Brake testing rigs are produced and constantly maintained by TecSA and can effectively reproduce real-drive braking cycles, working in autonomy (without a direct intervention of an operator) during nights and weekends.